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Canada’s 2012 Budget: Does It Deliver, or is It Full of BS?

Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 is out! Did the new budget cut as much as some people feared? Did it cut enough? Are we on a path toward sustainable government and responsible spending levels? Read on and find out more. First, to get an idea of what Canada’s spending is like, let’s review actual spending […]

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Harper’s Plan to Cut Canada’s Old Age Security (OAS) Program

The Internet is afire with news that the Conservative government of Canada is planning to raise the minimum age for Old Age Security, as part of a comprehensive government-wide cost-cutting measure for the upcoming federal budget. I first heard about this news from my grandmother, who was scared that her benefits were going to be […]

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Weekend Roundup, February 4, 2012

In breaking news, unemployment in Europe is the highest it’s ever been, since the inception of the Euro. What does this mean for the future of the European Monetary Union? Will the Euro fall? Will the EMU breakup? I think it’s too early for the doomsday predictions just yet, but things are certainly not looking […]

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