Financial Stability with Invoice Discounting

Trying to keep a company stable and in fine operating order can be a difficult task. Most small business owners will tell you, it’s impossible to plan for the future. You simply don’t know what will occur in the market in which you operate. Having financial safeguards and contingency plans in place is vital, but […]

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Things to Plan When Starting a Business

Starting a business is hard – even after you’ve come up with the idea and know what you want to do with it. You then have to think about monetizing it, your target audience, etc. Here are some key things you may need to consider when starting up. Your Customer Interaction The biggest thing you […]

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Figuring Out Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a necessary expense if you own or drive a car.  Auto insurance costs can be significant, especially depending on the coverage you maintain for your vehicle.  And in some locales, maintaining adequate coverage is mandatory to drive your car.  As such, you should always be looking for the best deal when it […]

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How Gold is Going to Recapitalize the World’s Banking Systems and Restore Sanity to Our World

I’ve always been interested by the connection between money and the physical world we live in. With money, we are able to buy the things we need, purchase investments for the future, and lend our money to others in return for a little bit of income. Without money, we’d be reduced to barter and the double […]

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What is Freegold? Or, Can the Debt Grow Forever?

I recently read a great post over at FOFOA, titled “The Debtors and the Savers 2012“. I’ve been reading a lot of FOFOA lately, and learning more about the “Freegold” thesis. The essence of the thesis, as I understand it, lies in the following chain of events: The U.S. economy is currently running massive deficits, […]

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Midweek Reading: Exorbitant Privilege Edition

I’ve been reading some really interesting posts on FOFOA’s blog, namely Inflation or Hyperinflation? and Peak Exorbitant Privilege. These posts go over the banking system, the role of the US dollar in the world economy, and the gradual withdrawing of political and ancillary support from the USD as the world’s reserve currency. Based on the latest numbers, the […]

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Betting on the Future President

Have you ever visited Intrade, which brands itself as the leading prediction market? You can make a market in almost anything these days, it seems. Intrade is a prediction market based in the Republic of Ireland, and lets you bet on predictions in all kinds of areas, including the future president of the United States. […]

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Five Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Getting Financially Destroyed

1. Invest money in precious metals. Even the gold pessimist Jon Nadler recommends that it is wise to store about 10% of your net assets in the form of physical, allocated gold. This means gold you hold in direct physical possession, or in vaults overseas. FOFOA also has excellent economic and monetary commentary which lends […]

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Cars Are the Mass-Transit Solution of the Future

As you sit in traffic on your way to work, you might find it hard to believe, but one day, that congested highway will be part of the mass-transit wave of the future. Instead of congested traffic, thousands of cars will be streaming down the lanes at 120km/h+, carrying tens of thousands of commuters to […]

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Why Are Environmentalists Against North American Oil & Gas?

I don’t understand why environmentalists are supporting regimes that are well-known for their corruption and human-rights abuses, like Iran or Venezuela. Mich from Beating the Index had some great thoughts on the matter: “The US oil and gas sector played a part in the job improvement in 2011 by creating 37,000 jobs directly and 111,000 […]

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