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The Difference Between Personal Finance and Business Finance

Many of you work for corporations that earn billions of dollars a year and the mentality of business finance is much different than your mentality with your personal finances isn’t it? When you’re talking about a deal at work, you might use the phrase, “but it’s only $100k.” Suddenly, when you get home, you realize […]

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Five Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Getting Financially Destroyed

1. Invest money in precious metals. Even the gold pessimist Jon Nadler recommends that it is wise to store about 10% of your net assets in the form of physical, allocated gold. This means gold you hold in direct physical possession, or in vaults overseas. FOFOA also has excellent economic and monetary commentary which lends […]

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Canada’s Housing Market and Interest Rates

Squirrelers recently wrote about the paradox of low interest rates and falling housing prices in the U.S. He notes that due to the fallout from the crash and the stumbling economy, mortgage rates are among the lowest they’ve been for a long time, while house prices are also falling. Canada, however, is a different story. Here, mortgage […]

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A Tale of Two Brothers

One of my favourite books is “Economics in One Lesson“, by Henry Hazlitt. If you have not yet read this yet, I highly recommend that you go and purchase a copy. The book has also been made available online for free through the Mises Institute and its generous donors. One of my favourite lessons from the […]

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Is Canada Immune to a Financial Blowup?

My Own Advisor recently wrote about the heavy austerity in Greece, and thanks his lucky stars that things are nowhere near this bad in Canada. I agree that those in Canada are very lucky that the country has weathered the financial storm in relatively good shape, and not only that but the Canadian government has […]

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Financial God Joins the Yakezie Challenge!

Dedicated. Motivated. Selflessly helping others. These are the attributes of a Yakezie member, and these are values that I aspire to as well. We need more people to question the status quo, build wealth, and help others at the same time. We share the same goals in common, and I would be very happy to […]

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