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The Difference Between Personal Finance and Business Finance

Many of you work for corporations that earn billions of dollars a year and the mentality of business finance is much different than your mentality with your personal finances isn’t it? When you’re talking about a deal at work, you might use the phrase, “but it’s only $100k.” Suddenly, when you get home, you realize […]

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travel insurance

Life Insurance & Travelling Abroad—What You Need to Know Before Take Off

For those who have loved ones depending upon them financially, life insurance is a no-brainer; however, many don’t realize that the life insurance policy that they carefully picked out, and pay premiums on to ensure the financial welfare of their loved ones won’t necessarily cover them should they travel abroad. In fact, most insurance agencies […]

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stock market

How To Choose an Online Broker

The proliferation of online brokerages offers investors and active traders the opportunity to choose the best service provider. Trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options or ETFs require an versatile and efficient trading platform that can accommodate several types of investors. Real time market data, streaming quotes and the latest news are features that are as important as the price […]

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taking a loan

Online Personal Loans vs. Traditional Personal Loans

Shopping around for a personal loan can take time, especially if you want to find the best interest rate possible. In today’s digital world, borrowers have many more options than they used to. You can either walk into your local bank or apply for a loan or you can compare offers right from your home […]

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debt reduction tips

3 Debt Reduction Strategies

The ongoing recession since 2008 is financially hurting many families all over the world. Some are struggling on lower salaries just to pay for basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter. There’s simply not enough money left to cover credit card debt and other lines of credit. But these financial issues need to be addressed, implementing […]

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Things To Remember Before Starting a Business

It’s the same when you start anything new, from learning how to ride a bike to starting school, you experience a mixture of different feelings; a nice combination of excitement and being scared to death. You feel as if you’ve been thrown in the deep end and that you’re spending all your time just trying to keep […]

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How Does Stuff Get Made in a Modern Economy?

Within smaller arenas, such as an individual corporation or a government bureaucracy, things operate in a more hierarchical fashion with directives coming from top-down, but as scale increases, one eventually reaches a point where things are mostly getting driven by the command’s preferences rather than by the consumer’s preferences, and where increasing inefficiency prevents things […]

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Statue of Liberty, NYC. Source: Flickr (

Ron Paul’s Farewell Address to Congress

Here is a transcript of Ron Paul’s farewell address to Congress, originally sourced from the Campaign for Liberty. Farewell to Congress This may well be the last time I speak on the House Floor.  At the end of the year I’ll leave Congress after 23 years in office over a 36 year period.  My goals […]

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Making Money from Online Share Dealing

Online share dealing is available from most major trading companies with many platforms set up purely to enable individuals to trade online. Unlike many internet get rich quick schemes, online share trading is simply an extension of an existing service now easily accessible online. The potential to invest in stocks and shares has always been […]

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Keeping Hold of Your Hard Earned Income

Running any kind of small business can be difficult to make ends meet. You could be waiting for delayed payments from clients or finding it difficult to really make an impact in the market. However, when you do start to bring some money in you’ll want to make sure that you don’t lose it unnecessarily. […]

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